Netflix - Headspace Guide To Sleep

The Headspace Guide to Sleep is an 8 episode animated series streaming now, only on Netflix! Each episode is narrated by Eve Prieto where she explores how exercise, stress, alcohol, medication, meditation, phone screens, and more effect the quality of our sleep.

I was lucky enough to double up with director Tom Mccarten on directing an episode of this amazing series: entitled ‘Putting Insomnia to Bed’ it looks at how we can deal with stresses to unpack the causes of insomnia through visualisation, music and quiet activities.

This project was a total team effort, and I was extremely lucky to have a great team of animators on board. Produced by Strange Beast in collaboration with Vox Media.


Client: Headspace, Vox Media, Netflix

Directors: Daniel Stankler, Tom Mccarten

Design: Daniel Stankler, Tom Mccarten, Patrick Diaz

Animation: Maki Yoshikura, Michelle Brand, Nicky Francis, Anita Gill, Yino Huan, Frankie Swan

Motion Graphics: Paul Goldsmith, Alon Sivan

Comping: Aaron Armor

Production Company: Strange Beast

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